Creating play/pause button

  1. Initialize slider as usual (autoStart variable is self descriptive):

    var autoStart = true;
        // other options...
        autoPlay: {
            enabled: autoStart
  2. Add HTML code of button to your page, anywhere you wish.

    <button id="toggleAutoPlayBtn">Pause</button>
  3. After slider initialization, in document.ready() bind click event on button and call toggleAutoPlay function when it's clicked.

jQuery(document).ready(function($) {
    // optionally put here slider initialization code from first step and define autoStart variable

    $('#toggleAutoPlayBtn').click(function() {
            // optionally change button text, style e.t.c.
            if(autoStart) {
            } else {
            autoStart = !autoStart;


You may also use startAutoPlay and stopAutoPlay public methods.

If toggleAutoPlay function is not working:

  • make sure that autoplay module is included
  • make sure that you're using RoyalSlider 9.2.1 or higher (check version in main JS file).

If you're using WordPress version

Refer to this discussion -

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