[WP] Admin area isn't working

This article will help you resolve any issue related to admin, common problems are:

  • "Create new slider" screen isn't responding to actions.
  • It's not possible to close Edit Slide Popup (in custom slider).
  • On slider edit page, after clicking on "Create Slider" button slider is not created or saved and ID is displayed as #0. Most likely slider database table is not created, because your database user has no permission to CREATE TABLE.

To find and resolve any issue:

First of make sure that you're using latest version of slider (changelog) and you have WordPress v3.4 or higher, then:

  1. Deactivate all plugins
  2. Switch to default theme
  3. Check if RoyalSlider admin now works correctly, if it doesn't - reinstall RoyalSlider, there is a chance that you haven't uploaded something properly. If after this it's still doesn't work - open here private support ticket and provide admin access.
  4. Switch to your theme and start activating your plugins one by one to see which one causes the issue.

if you're developer:

Most of time issue is caused by third-party plugins or themes that include their files to each admin page instead of only their pages, or when they deregister default scripts like jQuery.

  • Make sure that there is only one jQuery, jQuery UI and only one CodeMirror on page.
  • Take a look in browser JS console log and check for errors from other scripts.

If you have PHP errors or warnings from slider - most likely you haven't uploaded slider files correctly. Installation guide is here.

Such issues are caused third party themes and plugins that don't comply WordPress coding standarts. If you've found issue, contact the developer of that theme or plugin, so he can improve his work.

If you have problems figuring out this by yourself, please open private support ticket and provide admin access.