[WP] Image thumbnails are blank

This guide will help you If your thumbnails or images are blank (or completely missing). The guide applies only to WordPress version of RoyalSlider.

There are three possible reasons of such issue:

  • One of of your plugins or theme itself overrides image resizing filter incorrectly.
  • Your WordPress media folder doesn't have write permissions, or images weren't added in default WP way.
  • Your server is missing a library that resizes photos, like PHP GD or ImageMagick.

There are two ways to fix this problem:

  1. In slider Image options section, remove values from Thumbnail width and Thumbnail height, this will make slider use default WordPress thumbnail. Note that default thumbnail image size usually generates square image 150x150px, so you might need to change size of Thumbnail area in Thumbnails section of slider options. If you wish to change this 150x150 size, you may define custom WordPress image size - http://help.dimsemenov.com/kb/wordpress-royalslider-advanced/wp-usi...

  2. If after you deactivated all third-party plugins and switched to default theme it still doesn't display images, make sure that wp-content/uploads/ ** folder has write permissions and PHP GD or ImageMagick are installed on a server.

RoyalSlider uses Aqua Resizer script for resizing of images, which uses default WordPress resizing functions.