[WP] Creating RoyalSlider from images attached to post

Video shows how you can override default WordPress gallery with RoyalSlider. You can create configuration once and reuse it for every next post just by adding royalslider attribute to gallery shortcode [gallery royalslider="YOUR_SLIDER_ID"].

Since version 3.0.8 you can enable RoyalSlider on all of your [galleries] (without adding royalslider attribute) by checking an option on RoyalSlider global settings page.

Please note that this type of RoyalSlider doesn't have any caching mechanism (in comparison with
other types, like "Custom" or "Flickr"), so it's recommended to use plugins that cache contents of post, like W3 Total Cache.

You can also use this method to dynamically create slider from image attachment IDs, for example:

// retrieve attachment IDs
$attachment_ids = array(45, 85, 89);

// execute the shortcode
echo do_shortcode('[gallery royalslider="1" ids="' . implode(',', $attachment_ids . '"]');

Plugin installation video can be found here.